New @ Noobia ~ Now on Trenton with Born2Ride Stables ~ Topic: Safety in SL

First We’ve moved a little while ago and I’ve had no time for blog updates.  We’re now located on the Trenton sim. So drop by and say hi 🙂

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A few ad panels and we’ve seen more traffic then the past year although very few have stayed, but oh we’ve been sooo busy D:


we ARE looking for more staff, especially overnight.   Must be able to tell a newbie from an alt, must have help skills, must know how to deal with trolls and griefers, must have experience sorting someone out if they were griefed…and well it’s not as demanding as it sounds but we have our ways and hopefully you’d fit with how we do things.  Contact ElvenLady Resident for an application and an interview.  This is an entirely Volunteer (unpaid) position. So if you have patience and like to help people, come see what we’re about 🙂 There is a week of training prior to being staff proper


Current Staff:






Sheeku (currently unavailable)

xStasie  (new helper)



I’ve been terribly busy so have not had a chance to update our blog in a while.

Today’s Topic I want to discuss SL safety.  You can look up basic online safety tips on any internet browser but this is specifically related to Second Life safety.

Because it’s a topic that constantly comes back into the SL daily grind, I’m going to discuss a few things you can do to protect yourself in SL.

protect yourself from what or whom? well, from griefers and creeps. It may seem like it’s something that can be shrugged off easily, and yes if you know how to deal with them, it is. However if you don’t have the knowledge to get yourself out of a bad situation, or to actively avoid them, you may find yourself target or prey of a griefer or creep.

first, to protect one’s self it’s good to know how they work and what you can do to protect yourself. If you know what to look for and how they work, you can usually get yourself to safety before a situation gets out of hand.

*** the innocent hug
there is a hud out there that allows a person to give you a hug/animate your avatar. It can be nice to give a thank you hug to someone who helped you out, or a kiss to a loved one. However that hud has been passed around as a full perm freebie for a while and some people have found that modifying it to trick people into giving up control of their avatar for a time to you. It comes down to who can you trust in SL. is it a stranger you just met? someone you’ve known for a long time? Have they done this to other people? Does their profile mention slavery, prey& hunters, rape RP, or any other group that should make you suspicious or even are all their groups hidden?
It’s very important to be aware that if you give permission to something you may be giving permission in a permanent manner and then not be able to revoke it later, at least not until the person gets bored of toying with your pixels. After all, SL is only a game and you can’t get hurt, right? Maybe it shouldn’t matter if your wishes for the avatar/account YOU own are disrespected and someone somehow violates your rights as a human being by taking from you something you worked so hard to create and outfit? I know to me it would matter.
*** RLV/RLVa
Although the SL official viewer that you downloaded when you joined SL does not have this feature, most 3rd party viewers have it. What is it and what does it do? Well mostly it allows people to animate your avatar without you needing to consent. If a vampire sends you a bite, then you no longer get to say no. If you hop on a dance ball or poseball you no longer have to confirm if you want to allow it to animate you, and it lets people put a collar or shackles on you without you needing to click “yes”. For the most part it would then be easy to turn this feature off.
You would go into your preference menu and remove the RLV/RLVa checkmark and then you would relog and problem solved right? Well for the most part yes. However there are items out there that you cannot revoke permission once given… Those items are illegal yes but they are a reality in SL. Same as you cannot revoke being bitten by a vampire. So always be extremely careful when/where and with whom you turn RLV on. I have seen many newbies come to us after a “nice” person gained their trust and then had them enable RLV/RLVa without telling them what was going to happen and then the “game” took on a whole new serious meaning 😦
Some items do keep your pixels trapped even if you log out and have RLV turned off. They are rare but they do exist.

*** the cages that don’t require RLV
It may seem that these do not exist, except a “friend” who does not know when to stop his pranks, put one on me (I had RLV off and though haha very funny). I tried to TP out of it. I could not. I tried relogging, I was still in the cage. It had not asked my permission, it was simply rezzed over me and I was trapped. How did i get out? No the friend, too busy laughing at my helpless situation in all of it’s perfect pranking glory, did not remove it. I simply had land owner rights on his parcel and I returned the cage to his lost & found folder (yes he presumably still has it), then in the huniliated anger I felt I booted him from his own parcel and told him off. That said he never did that to me again, however if you do not have land ownership rights and this happens to you, you will need to find and contact the land owner or landlord of the sim this is happening on. It may take time for them to respond and if the bozo doing this to you owns the sim and has no landlord (about land will tell you) then you will have to file a ticket with Linden Labs. Don’t forget to Abuse Report (AR) the person doing this to you as these items are illegal per ToS in SL!

*** the gift of an item that seems “clean”/innocent
Always ALWAYS be careful who you get items from. Some can seem innocent but not be as innocent as they seem! items passed around full perm may contain bad scripts/animations added on not by the creator themselves but by the person passing them to you! If you suspect the item given to you may not be clean or even if you’re not certain, you can look up the items contained in it. You may not know what to look for but you can certainly asked the maker what should be in it, you can rez it at a sandbox and compare the contents with the real deal or you can ask an expert! Also NEVER put the item on in the presence of the giver as some items require the giver to be present in order to control your avatar. Some can attach to you and not be easily removed (seek out an expert’s help via IM’s immediately and do not TP! ~ some items can send hate messages or spam when you land from TP’ing and can get you banned without you knowing why!). Remain calm as anything done to you can be reversed (even if it means filing a ticket with Linden Labs if all other attempts fail). You should know that items that attach to you have, somewhere hidden on them, a script making this possible. A script can often be removed via a “scrubber script” which deletes any scripts. Finding the script in the item itself requires patience, time and a minimum of building knowledge but it CAN be found. Use scrubber scripts with extreme caution as they do delete scripts permanently. you may wish to know who made/put the script in the item before deleting it but if the script was made and passed around full perm by the maker, then the person who inserted the script may not be the creator…in which case AR’ing the wrong person can be tricky and even Linden Labs would have to follow the trail of how the item became malicious and who is responsible ~sigh~. It’s not impossible, just takes time and isn’t easy. Keep in mind that you may have been caught but you can prevent this from happening to someone else.
If you find yourself victim of a device as described above but cannot get away via the means I have indicated, please seek immediate help from someone who knows how to deal with these things. If you do not know anyone you can contact myself (ElvenLady) or Paystreak of Noobia. You can always file a ticket with Linden Labs but be aware that this may take many days to get resolved as opposed to only a few hours. Sometimes, finding the solution to a perticular issue requires a step by step process to try and figure out a safe way to deal with it. It is very important that you do not remain silent if someone has made threats to you. Mostly these threats are empty and made to intimidate you more than anything. They target your emotions and fears as well as the Real Life thinking of a similar situation. In most cases they cannot do as they claim. Everyone and their sibling is a hacker in SL loll and if it was true than the government would be at their door for admitting to it >:D You can be sure that anyone who’s claimed it has been carefully watched to see if it’s true.
~*~ —->>> Rule #1 when you meet someone PERV THAT PROFILE! it may give you warning flags, clues.



Noobia News

Hey guys,


1st off, I wanna say thank you to all those who came to support us this June 15th.  It means a lot to us.


If you entered the horse raffles, i’m really sorry about all the problems the boards gave.  We’ve extended the raffles to make up for the issues and it took help from the raffle board maker/scripter in order to even be able to make it happen.  The old raffle boards were a complete mess and even he wasn’t sure how it got that way :/

hopefully this won’t happen again as the new ones are web-based and he’s providing support in case something else happens.  The horses are displayed behind the money tree at the far end of the plaza.


we’re making strides with improving the way we help people and with how we get word out about all the stuff we do and hoping that Noobia becomes a well known and respected part of Second Life for all that we try to do to help those just getting started in SL.  The more well-known we are, the more people will come to us for help and the more we will be able to make a difference.

We are now preparing to add some more avatars to the free ones we are providing, thanks to the generosity of BeReal.  Those who would like to purchase our avi’s to support Noobia will soon be able to do so as well.


We are planning on purchasing ad space in various places as well.  And sending a submission to appear in the destination guide of SL.  We hope they will help give us a wider range of exposure so that more newbies can find us more easily.

Up to now we’ve relied heavily on word of mouth and on people pointing newbies in our direction, but a lot of newbies still are not getting any help as they make their way through their first few weeks in SL.


We do hope you get a good idea what we’re all about here at Noobia


June 15 ~ Celebration Day in Noobia

Noobia was created years ago by a man named Sumo Seda.  He had an idea about helping new people instead of leaving them to sink or swim in the vastness that is Second Life.  A lot of people would come to SL and struggle to learn the basics… many would feel defeated by the lack of knowledge and would most often quit after a few days… 

As time passed, Noobia staff helped many and Noobia grew to be a great center for learning the basics of Second Life.  Many came and went in that time and Noobia grew and evolved.  There was a time when Noobia had to close down for personal reasons of the people who ran it at the time.  

On June 15th, 2014 Noobia will see it’s 2nd year of re-opening with most of that time being run and cared for by a very special lady: Sandonna Miggins.  She nurtured it into the Noobia you see today.  In her care Noobia grew even more and word spread that Noobia is a great place to get help.  Under her care, Noobia had to get a waiting list several times as our apartments (2 weeks free to people under 30 days who need help with learning to navigate SL) got full. 

Join us as we celebrate the 2nd year of our grand re-opening.  2 wonderful years of helping people get a good start to Second Life!  

There will be a guided tour and an explanation of some of the things we do to help newbies.


Hoping to see you there!


Some of what we see when we volunteer in Noobia


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When you help newbies, you get a lot of different people who come to get help. The ones that make me laugh (and facepalm too) are those who ask us how to score points in Second Life. A LOT of people come in thinking it’s a “game” but… if I was to compare SL to any online experience, I would choose “chat rooms”. SL is in fact a chat room where you come to meet people and socialize… with perks…

Second Life is an interesting new experience but it’s the people who make or break it. SL is a world of discovery and a social hub. You get to interact with others in a life-like (1st life/real life) 3-D world that is almost exactly like the real world we all live in except that you can fly, breathe under water and you do not get hurt if you fall from very high. Simply said you can only die in SL if your account is deleted.

SL is a lot like RL (real world) in that there is a good side to it and a dark side to it. As your avatar is made of pixels, you really can’t get hurt….or can you…?

One would think of SL as a place you cannot get hurt but the truth is very different from that. In SL you CAN and WILL get hurt but not in a way you would expect. In SL it’s easy to lose the RL boundaries that protect our inner selves from heartache and the psychological effects SL has on us vary from subtle to obvious. Some people tend to get mentally and emotionally more involved than others and so the levels of hurt can vary tremendously. Many don’t care if they hurt others so in SL it’s good to be careful… it’s easy to fall in love and even in lust since all the avi’s (avatars) look so good (well okay most of them do… some still hang on to looking like newbies from 2006 but it’s good to update your avi once in a while at least).

A lot of people don’t mind playing with other people’s feelings and will do so to many people at once on various alts… putting a definite barrier of “these are just pixels” between them and the people on the other side of the screen… but many people remember that the avi’s you interact with are controlled by real people with real feelings and they are the ones most likely to get hurt, and much sooner.

essentially, SL is a lot like RL with nice people and not so nice people and people who should down-right be avoided. It’s always good to keep that in mind when on your journey through Second Life.

Celebration Soon!!!

May through August is usually a bit of a down time for SL… people go out, spend time with family etc…
Well it may be down time but we keep busy getting set up for when people start coming back to SL.  RL did steal a lot of people for a while but Noobia is still here to help those who need it.

We had a little ooops with the avi’s we wanted to offer and had to take them down but now we’ve got new ones, all legit and donated by the well established brand BeReal 🙂
So we now have proper full women avi’s up and offered to people under 30 days old.  This includes shape, skin, hair, eyes, eyebrows and some underwear so you don’t end up naked!

We are working on men’s as well so don’t think we’re leaving guys out!! It’s just taking a bit longer to get them done.  Clothing and freebies for men are hard to come by but thanks to BeReal we’ll have them!!
We also set up a money tree for people under 30 days to get some lindens.

For the time being our quiz Master’s RL is too busy so the Quiz has been suspended.

We are gearing up to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of our grand-reopening!! 2 years since Noobia came back on the grid after a 2 year abscence and we’re gonna have a day of fun. Yes 2 years of helping new people get a great and safe start to SL. 2 years of helping people solve issues and deal with sl glitches. There are games set up next to noobia and we are working on other things. Our very own DJ Streak is gonna be there playing some tunes that day and taking requests. He hasn’t DJ’ed in a while and idk about you guys but his voice makes my day 😉


We also have added Diable/Orson to staff.  Feel free to tap his board and say hi 🙂


Hope to see you at the grand celebration on June 15th!!!


Hey Guys :)


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Noobia’s Store is slowly coming back up thanks to Angie 🙂 We’ll have some new items for newbies to choose from in the parking garage boutique (Angie is making it look a lot nicer than any RL parking garage for sure!)

Stay tuned because we’re going to make a few announcements soon as Noobia is undergoing more changes…

There is talk of not keeping the paid apartments for one thing so for now we are not renting paid apartments at all, even to returning Noobians… that would mean all of our apartments would be used to help newbies (except for one reserved for Sumo, our founding father…who would most likely laugh….or…cringe…. at being called “father” unless you say “Who’s Your Daddy?” heheheh and one to long time resident Photon, who has been with us since the Noobia Sand People…which have all been swallowed up by sand worms except for her I think… j/k) 😛

I know… I know… thanks to the Fab Free Blog, we have been getting a lot of attention from people, including many wanting to rent an apartment in Noobia, but guys…. the apartments are for the newbies only :/ We’re not a hotel or the usual rent to live here place. We’re here for one reason: to help newbies get a proper safe start to SL. Getting pushy at staff about it is only going to get you booted and probably muted/banned as well.

Noobia staff works very hard to keep trouble and drama out of Noobia so please be kind to the volunteers that are there to help. We are patient but we will not tolerate certain behaviors. There is a notecard with visitors and guest rules if you click the panel on the ground by the landing point.

and guys? there are NO exceptions.

I had an encounter with a rather pushy guy who was insisting we rent to him. When I said the apartments are only for newbies and returning Noobians, he said “and for me”. I am sorry (and Angie would probably cringe if she read this) but even if the Queen of England herself came to Noobia, we would not make an exception like that (unless she had just joined SL and was a newbie! Then we would roll out the red carpet!) Anyway it was uncomfortable and he only left because someone who came with him got ejected by the scripts board for her scripts being too high :/ Then he felt insulted etc… I am sorry but we are here to teach, not to be bullied and I am glad the board cut that discussion before I had to remove him from there myself.

Yes the apartments are probably the nicest in all of SL thanks to Sandonna Miggins’ talents as a builder and decorator (no this time she did not build the buildings but she still made them into fabulous homes!) but that does not mean anyone can come by and live in them.

anyyywaaayyyy…. do stay tuned for a series of announcements. Also have you read up on the promo we are running for April? There is a panel by the fountain with info, just left click it (it’s on the ground).

If you want to see something wonderful about SL, I have come across an interesting facebook page recently. Photography is always an interesting side of Second Life and the ones on this page I thought were amazing… have a look for yourself 🙂


Noobia Moved…. smaller but better

Hey Guys! No we did not close our doors. We are still very much a part of SL! Yayyyyyyyy!!!NewNoobia_001

With Noobia Moving to a new sim, I thought it would be good to move the Blog as well…. Fresh Start… New ideas… Better options…

Our new parcel is smaller (half the size it had been) but don’t be fooled: we now have more apartments and can help more people than ever at lower cost to us (36 apts instead of 20!!)
Our mission is the same as ever: to help new people get a good start to SL

Our team is still dedicated to helping and educating.

We still offer 2 weeks free, in an apartment, to people under 30 days old.

Make sure you thank Sandonna Miggins for the hard work she put into re-modeling Noobia! She worked very hard to make this move happen in 3 days and the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

If you missed posts on our old blog, here they are:

Our Staff:

Noobia Founder
Sumo Seda

you can probably send him a notecard inworld to tell him what an amazingly wonderful idea Noobia is 😉

Noobia Owners and Senior Mentors:

Sandy Miggins/Sandonna.Miggins
Angie/Angelica.Montpenier (board not back up yet)
Elvy Miggins/ElvenLady

Noobia Manger

Xamie Pixeldust/Xamie

Staff (in order of how long they’ve been staff)

Amaya Miggins/Amaya21
Red Miggin / RedTwerksum (board not back up yet)
Ali Miggins/alikakadri
HelenSexy Miggins/helen15 (board not back up yet)
Nuk/nukapai.dreamscape (board not back up yet)

Trivia Quiz Master

Eximus (he doesn’t have a tag per se and can’t book you into an apartment but he IS staff and he will be happy to help with what he can)

Noobia Current DJ’s

J. R. (jaeaur.sapphire)


Noobia on Moving Day:

 NoobiaonMovingDay2014_001 NoobiaonMovingDay2014a_001 NoobiaonMovingDay2014b_001 NoobiaSigns1_001 NoobiaSigns2_001

Don’t Forget to read all about the new parcel on the Fab Free Blog:

Stop by and say hello!  We’re a friendly bunch 🙂

Elvy Miggins