Hey Guys! No we did not close our doors. We are still very much a part of SL! Yayyyyyyyy!!!NewNoobia_001

With Noobia Moving to a new sim, I thought it would be good to move the Blog as well…. Fresh Start… New ideas… Better options…

Our new parcel is smaller (half the size it had been) but don’t be fooled: we now have more apartments and can help more people than ever at lower cost to us (36 apts instead of 20!!)
Our mission is the same as ever: to help new people get a good start to SL

Our team is still dedicated to helping and educating.

We still offer 2 weeks free, in an apartment, to people under 30 days old.

Make sure you thank Sandonna Miggins for the hard work she put into re-modeling Noobia! She worked very hard to make this move happen in 3 days and the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

If you missed posts on our old blog, here they are:


Our Staff:

Noobia Founder
Sumo Seda

you can probably send him a notecard inworld to tell him what an amazingly wonderful idea Noobia is 😉

Noobia Owners and Senior Mentors:

Sandy Miggins/Sandonna.Miggins
Angie/Angelica.Montpenier (board not back up yet)
Elvy Miggins/ElvenLady

Noobia Manger

Xamie Pixeldust/Xamie

Staff (in order of how long they’ve been staff)

Amaya Miggins/Amaya21
Red Miggin / RedTwerksum (board not back up yet)
Ali Miggins/alikakadri
HelenSexy Miggins/helen15 (board not back up yet)
Nuk/nukapai.dreamscape (board not back up yet)

Trivia Quiz Master

Eximus (he doesn’t have a tag per se and can’t book you into an apartment but he IS staff and he will be happy to help with what he can)

Noobia Current DJ’s

J. R. (jaeaur.sapphire)


Noobia on Moving Day:

 NoobiaonMovingDay2014_001 NoobiaonMovingDay2014a_001 NoobiaonMovingDay2014b_001 NoobiaSigns1_001 NoobiaSigns2_001

Don’t Forget to read all about the new parcel on the Fab Free Blog: http://fabfree.wordpress.com/2014/03/30/noobia-has-a-new-home/

Stop by and say hello!  We’re a friendly bunch 🙂

Elvy Miggins