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Noobia’s Store is slowly coming back up thanks to Angie 🙂 We’ll have some new items for newbies to choose from in the parking garage boutique (Angie is making it look a lot nicer than any RL parking garage for sure!)

Stay tuned because we’re going to make a few announcements soon as Noobia is undergoing more changes…

There is talk of not keeping the paid apartments for one thing so for now we are not renting paid apartments at all, even to returning Noobians… that would mean all of our apartments would be used to help newbies (except for one reserved for Sumo, our founding father…who would most likely laugh….or…cringe…. at being called “father” unless you say “Who’s Your Daddy?” heheheh and one to long time resident Photon, who has been with us since the Noobia Sand People…which have all been swallowed up by sand worms except for her I think… j/k) 😛

I know… I know… thanks to the Fab Free Blog, we have been getting a lot of attention from people, including many wanting to rent an apartment in Noobia, but guys…. the apartments are for the newbies only :/ We’re not a hotel or the usual rent to live here place. We’re here for one reason: to help newbies get a proper safe start to SL. Getting pushy at staff about it is only going to get you booted and probably muted/banned as well.

Noobia staff works very hard to keep trouble and drama out of Noobia so please be kind to the volunteers that are there to help. We are patient but we will not tolerate certain behaviors. There is a notecard with visitors and guest rules if you click the panel on the ground by the landing point.

and guys? there are NO exceptions.

I had an encounter with a rather pushy guy who was insisting we rent to him. When I said the apartments are only for newbies and returning Noobians, he said “and for me”. I am sorry (and Angie would probably cringe if she read this) but even if the Queen of England herself came to Noobia, we would not make an exception like that (unless she had just joined SL and was a newbie! Then we would roll out the red carpet!) Anyway it was uncomfortable and he only left because someone who came with him got ejected by the scripts board for her scripts being too high :/ Then he felt insulted etc… I am sorry but we are here to teach, not to be bullied and I am glad the board cut that discussion before I had to remove him from there myself.

Yes the apartments are probably the nicest in all of SL thanks to Sandonna Miggins’ talents as a builder and decorator (no this time she did not build the buildings but she still made them into fabulous homes!) but that does not mean anyone can come by and live in them.

anyyywaaayyyy…. do stay tuned for a series of announcements. Also have you read up on the promo we are running for April? There is a panel by the fountain with info, just left click it (it’s on the ground).

If you want to see something wonderful about SL, I have come across an interesting facebook page recently. Photography is always an interesting side of Second Life and the ones on this page I thought were amazing… have a look for yourself 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/pages/Second-Life-Your-Pictures/109812937475?ref=br_rs