May through August is usually a bit of a down time for SL… people go out, spend time with family etc…
Well it may be down time but we keep busy getting set up for when people start coming back to SL.  RL did steal a lot of people for a while but Noobia is still here to help those who need it.

We had a little ooops with the avi’s we wanted to offer and had to take them down but now we’ve got new ones, all legit and donated by the well established brand BeReal 🙂
So we now have proper full women avi’s up and offered to people under 30 days old.  This includes shape, skin, hair, eyes, eyebrows and some underwear so you don’t end up naked!

We are working on men’s as well so don’t think we’re leaving guys out!! It’s just taking a bit longer to get them done.  Clothing and freebies for men are hard to come by but thanks to BeReal we’ll have them!!
We also set up a money tree for people under 30 days to get some lindens.

For the time being our quiz Master’s RL is too busy so the Quiz has been suspended.

We are gearing up to celebrate our 2nd anniversary of our grand-reopening!! 2 years since Noobia came back on the grid after a 2 year abscence and we’re gonna have a day of fun. Yes 2 years of helping new people get a great and safe start to SL. 2 years of helping people solve issues and deal with sl glitches. There are games set up next to noobia and we are working on other things. Our very own DJ Streak is gonna be there playing some tunes that day and taking requests. He hasn’t DJ’ed in a while and idk about you guys but his voice makes my day 😉


We also have added Diable/Orson to staff.  Feel free to tap his board and say hi 🙂


Hope to see you at the grand celebration on June 15th!!!