Noobia was created years ago by a man named Sumo Seda.  He had an idea about helping new people instead of leaving them to sink or swim in the vastness that is Second Life.  A lot of people would come to SL and struggle to learn the basics… many would feel defeated by the lack of knowledge and would most often quit after a few days… 

As time passed, Noobia staff helped many and Noobia grew to be a great center for learning the basics of Second Life.  Many came and went in that time and Noobia grew and evolved.  There was a time when Noobia had to close down for personal reasons of the people who ran it at the time.  

On June 15th, 2014 Noobia will see it’s 2nd year of re-opening with most of that time being run and cared for by a very special lady: Sandonna Miggins.  She nurtured it into the Noobia you see today.  In her care Noobia grew even more and word spread that Noobia is a great place to get help.  Under her care, Noobia had to get a waiting list several times as our apartments (2 weeks free to people under 30 days who need help with learning to navigate SL) got full. 

Join us as we celebrate the 2nd year of our grand re-opening.  2 wonderful years of helping people get a good start to Second Life!  

There will be a guided tour and an explanation of some of the things we do to help newbies.


Hoping to see you there!