Hey guys,


1st off, I wanna say thank you to all those who came to support us this June 15th.  It means a lot to us.


If you entered the horse raffles, i’m really sorry about all the problems the boards gave.  We’ve extended the raffles to make up for the issues and it took help from the raffle board maker/scripter in order to even be able to make it happen.  The old raffle boards were a complete mess and even he wasn’t sure how it got that way :/

hopefully this won’t happen again as the new ones are web-based and he’s providing support in case something else happens.  The horses are displayed behind the money tree at the far end of the plaza.


we’re making strides with improving the way we help people and with how we get word out about all the stuff we do and hoping that Noobia becomes a well known and respected part of Second Life for all that we try to do to help those just getting started in SL.  The more well-known we are, the more people will come to us for help and the more we will be able to make a difference.

We are now preparing to add some more avatars to the free ones we are providing, thanks to the generosity of BeReal.  Those who would like to purchase our avi’s to support Noobia will soon be able to do so as well.


We are planning on purchasing ad space in various places as well.  And sending a submission to appear in the destination guide of SL.  We hope they will help give us a wider range of exposure so that more newbies can find us more easily.

Up to now we’ve relied heavily on word of mouth and on people pointing newbies in our direction, but a lot of newbies still are not getting any help as they make their way through their first few weeks in SL.


We do hope you get a good idea what we’re all about here at Noobia