First We’ve moved a little while ago and I’ve had no time for blog updates.  We’re now located on the Trenton sim. So drop by and say hi 🙂

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we ARE looking for more staff, especially overnight.   Must be able to tell a newbie from an alt, must have help skills, must know how to deal with trolls and griefers, must have experience sorting someone out if they were griefed…and well it’s not as demanding as it sounds but we have our ways and hopefully you’d fit with how we do things.  Contact ElvenLady Resident for an application and an interview.  This is an entirely Volunteer (unpaid) position. So if you have patience and like to help people, come see what we’re about 🙂 There is a week of training prior to being staff proper


Current Staff:






Sheeku (currently unavailable)

xStasie  (new helper)



I’ve been terribly busy so have not had a chance to update our blog in a while.

Today’s Topic I want to discuss SL safety.  You can look up basic online safety tips on any internet browser but this is specifically related to Second Life safety.

Because it’s a topic that constantly comes back into the SL daily grind, I’m going to discuss a few things you can do to protect yourself in SL.

protect yourself from what or whom? well, from griefers and creeps. It may seem like it’s something that can be shrugged off easily, and yes if you know how to deal with them, it is. However if you don’t have the knowledge to get yourself out of a bad situation, or to actively avoid them, you may find yourself target or prey of a griefer or creep.

first, to protect one’s self it’s good to know how they work and what you can do to protect yourself. If you know what to look for and how they work, you can usually get yourself to safety before a situation gets out of hand.

*** the innocent hug
there is a hud out there that allows a person to give you a hug/animate your avatar. It can be nice to give a thank you hug to someone who helped you out, or a kiss to a loved one. However that hud has been passed around as a full perm freebie for a while and some people have found that modifying it to trick people into giving up control of their avatar for a time to you. It comes down to who can you trust in SL. is it a stranger you just met? someone you’ve known for a long time? Have they done this to other people? Does their profile mention slavery, prey& hunters, rape RP, or any other group that should make you suspicious or even are all their groups hidden?
It’s very important to be aware that if you give permission to something you may be giving permission in a permanent manner and then not be able to revoke it later, at least not until the person gets bored of toying with your pixels. After all, SL is only a game and you can’t get hurt, right? Maybe it shouldn’t matter if your wishes for the avatar/account YOU own are disrespected and someone somehow violates your rights as a human being by taking from you something you worked so hard to create and outfit? I know to me it would matter.
*** RLV/RLVa
Although the SL official viewer that you downloaded when you joined SL does not have this feature, most 3rd party viewers have it. What is it and what does it do? Well mostly it allows people to animate your avatar without you needing to consent. If a vampire sends you a bite, then you no longer get to say no. If you hop on a dance ball or poseball you no longer have to confirm if you want to allow it to animate you, and it lets people put a collar or shackles on you without you needing to click “yes”. For the most part it would then be easy to turn this feature off.
You would go into your preference menu and remove the RLV/RLVa checkmark and then you would relog and problem solved right? Well for the most part yes. However there are items out there that you cannot revoke permission once given… Those items are illegal yes but they are a reality in SL. Same as you cannot revoke being bitten by a vampire. So always be extremely careful when/where and with whom you turn RLV on. I have seen many newbies come to us after a “nice” person gained their trust and then had them enable RLV/RLVa without telling them what was going to happen and then the “game” took on a whole new serious meaning 😦
Some items do keep your pixels trapped even if you log out and have RLV turned off. They are rare but they do exist.

*** the cages that don’t require RLV
It may seem that these do not exist, except a “friend” who does not know when to stop his pranks, put one on me (I had RLV off and though haha very funny). I tried to TP out of it. I could not. I tried relogging, I was still in the cage. It had not asked my permission, it was simply rezzed over me and I was trapped. How did i get out? No the friend, too busy laughing at my helpless situation in all of it’s perfect pranking glory, did not remove it. I simply had land owner rights on his parcel and I returned the cage to his lost & found folder (yes he presumably still has it), then in the huniliated anger I felt I booted him from his own parcel and told him off. That said he never did that to me again, however if you do not have land ownership rights and this happens to you, you will need to find and contact the land owner or landlord of the sim this is happening on. It may take time for them to respond and if the bozo doing this to you owns the sim and has no landlord (about land will tell you) then you will have to file a ticket with Linden Labs. Don’t forget to Abuse Report (AR) the person doing this to you as these items are illegal per ToS in SL!

*** the gift of an item that seems “clean”/innocent
Always ALWAYS be careful who you get items from. Some can seem innocent but not be as innocent as they seem! items passed around full perm may contain bad scripts/animations added on not by the creator themselves but by the person passing them to you! If you suspect the item given to you may not be clean or even if you’re not certain, you can look up the items contained in it. You may not know what to look for but you can certainly asked the maker what should be in it, you can rez it at a sandbox and compare the contents with the real deal or you can ask an expert! Also NEVER put the item on in the presence of the giver as some items require the giver to be present in order to control your avatar. Some can attach to you and not be easily removed (seek out an expert’s help via IM’s immediately and do not TP! ~ some items can send hate messages or spam when you land from TP’ing and can get you banned without you knowing why!). Remain calm as anything done to you can be reversed (even if it means filing a ticket with Linden Labs if all other attempts fail). You should know that items that attach to you have, somewhere hidden on them, a script making this possible. A script can often be removed via a “scrubber script” which deletes any scripts. Finding the script in the item itself requires patience, time and a minimum of building knowledge but it CAN be found. Use scrubber scripts with extreme caution as they do delete scripts permanently. you may wish to know who made/put the script in the item before deleting it but if the script was made and passed around full perm by the maker, then the person who inserted the script may not be the creator…in which case AR’ing the wrong person can be tricky and even Linden Labs would have to follow the trail of how the item became malicious and who is responsible ~sigh~. It’s not impossible, just takes time and isn’t easy. Keep in mind that you may have been caught but you can prevent this from happening to someone else.
If you find yourself victim of a device as described above but cannot get away via the means I have indicated, please seek immediate help from someone who knows how to deal with these things. If you do not know anyone you can contact myself (ElvenLady) or Paystreak of Noobia. You can always file a ticket with Linden Labs but be aware that this may take many days to get resolved as opposed to only a few hours. Sometimes, finding the solution to a perticular issue requires a step by step process to try and figure out a safe way to deal with it. It is very important that you do not remain silent if someone has made threats to you. Mostly these threats are empty and made to intimidate you more than anything. They target your emotions and fears as well as the Real Life thinking of a similar situation. In most cases they cannot do as they claim. Everyone and their sibling is a hacker in SL loll and if it was true than the government would be at their door for admitting to it >:D You can be sure that anyone who’s claimed it has been carefully watched to see if it’s true.
~*~ —->>> Rule #1 when you meet someone PERV THAT PROFILE! it may give you warning flags, clues.